At what point do I initiate a business transformation project?
You should not start a business transformation project unless you have complete agreement, buy-in and approval of the senior managers/owners of your company. We can help you with this process, called the Transformation Phase (TP). During this phase, we define objectives, scope and desired outcomes.

What kind of background experience is necessary to solve my business problem?
We map our experts to your business needs, your industry and the business growth inhibitors that you have identified. If you are unsure of your growth inhibitors, we can help you identify them.

What is expected of my business in terms of resources?
Our team of experts will expect to work with at least one specifically identified staff person who fully understands the business processes of your company. In the Transformation Phase (TP), this is a part-time commitment as we determine the objectives, scope and desired outcomes. Additionally, a sponsor must be identified for this activity to work with the consultant, as necessary.

Is project management our responsibility or yours?
We work together to ascertain which party is most appropriate to handle the project management. In either case, project management is key to an on-time, within budget, effective implementation.

How much is this going to cost me?
Once we understand the scope, objectives and expected outcomes, we will submit a proposal, based on time and materials and/or deliverables. If we help determine the scope, objectives and expected outcomes, a fee will be charged.

Who is responsible for implementing the proposed changes to my business processes?
Usually the client chooses to implement the changes. However, we do have experts with extensive experience in the implementation of business transformation solutions.