Business Transformation
Business transformation is an approach or methodology that uses analytics to scrutinize a company's current business practices to determine gaps between the current practices and best practices in the industry. Our experts can apply this methodology to any sized business domain in any geography, globally or within a single country or region. The results can range from the simple to the very complex, and if applied, can help transform a business. Our role is to help our clients to focus on specific business areas for transformation that they can leverage to improve their business growth.

Change Management
Change management is one aspect of business transformation that deals with the soft areas of business, such as human resources, organization, culture, skills and communications. These are the hardest areas of business to transform, depending on the company's history, culture and expected resistance to change. Our experts have extensive experience helping clients address these areas over the short term as well as the long term. If key areas are not determined and addressed by company leadership, our experts have found that any substantial operational business transformation will not be fully realized.

Enterprise Process Framework
An enterprise process framework is the building blocks for documenting the process of a business. These building blocks, when documented with descriptions of activities, tasks, technology support and job roles, graphically represent how a business flows to, thru and out of a company. Our experts have vast knowledge and experience in helping clients establish a dynamic enterprise process framework. We help determine what areas of the current business to map to industry best practices. For example, industry best practice for supply chain may be three days from raw material to finished product. If a client's product takes 10 days in the supply chain from raw material to finished product, we can help the client focus on narrowing that gap.

Lead-to-cash is the business enterprise process that deals with the operational flow of business, starting with the initial point of contact with the customer thru the generation of an invoice and payment by the customer. In most companies, this process typically involves back office activities. Though primarily transparent to the customer, these activities have a huge impact on customer satisfaction and customer retention. These activities include marketing campaigns, internet interfaces between business to business, business to customer and business to employee, proposals, pricing, design and manufacturing of product or service, revenue recognition, invoice generation, accounts receivable and payment receipt, to name a few. Our experts have found that significant growth inhibitors often lie within these operational activities.

Financial Management
Financial management covers a broad range of financial activities, such as accounting, business controls, auditing, tax, treasury, reporting and analysis. These activities are the keys to the financial health of a company. All too often, these activities need to be streamlined. Quite frankly, we usually find antiquated practices, redundancy built in across various areas, lack of automation and no established and documented procedures or principles. Yet, these financial activities have a direct impact on a company's ability to invest in growth.

Project Management
Project management is a methodology, ranging from a very informal to a very formal documented approach. Where on that scale a project lies is dependent on the scope, length of time, number of dependencies that impact the project and budget or cost. This is true if the project is internal with the company or external with the customer. We have certified project managers who stand ready to help clients determine where on the scale a project falls. Our project managers can define the steps, schedule responsible parties, manage the dependencies specific to the project, control and monitor the budget. We can administer and manage the plan.